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Continuous Phone Fundraiser



Support Your Favorite Non Profit Organization
with a New Long Distance Phone Service
at 2.5 cents per minute

This is an opportunity to both contribute money each month to your favorite non profit organization at no cost to you and to save a significant amount each month yourself.

Here's how it works:

By switching your long distance and/or your local toll calls (intralata) service to Enhanced Communications Group (ECG), ECG will contribute 10% of your phone bill to your organization automatically each month. Savings to you should range from 20-50% of your current phone bill because of the excellent wholesale rates that are being offered. To sign up online, simply click on the Sign Me Up Now! link and use referral number 888-704-9998.

Residential and Business Rates are:

  • state to state (interstate) - 2.5 cents per minute (all the time).

  • international rates vary by country (e.g., England at 5 cents/minute)

  • rates for in-state calling vary by state.

  • a $0.59 per month regulatory recovery fee applies to each taxable account.

  • you must sign up for EasyPay - ECG's paperless payment option that allows customers to pay their monthly bill electronically via credit/debit card or bankdraft and for EasyBill - customers receive their ECG bill online.

  • There is a Basic 3.5 cents per minute plan with a $2.50 monthly fee for those who choose to pay their bill by check and receive a paper bill.

To determine your instate rate and international rates, click on Sign Me Up Now! Fill in your phone number and the referral number 888-704-9998 and your rates will be displayed.  The rate for Intralata (local toll calls) is the same as the in-state (Intrastate) rate for your state.


  • Toll free numbers are also available at the same state to state and in-state rates.

  • All calls are billed in 6 second increments. State to state, in-state and toll free calls are billed in 6 second increments after the first 18 seconds. International calls are billed in 6 second increments after the first 30 seconds.

  • Unverified account codes (optional) can be set up at no charge.

  • Toll free numbers without pin numbers can be transferred to ECG.

Friends should be aware that their local telephone company will charge a fee (about $5) for switching long distance companies and a fee (about $5) for switching their carrier for intralata (local toll) calls.

If you have questions you can email Ken Miller at or you can call him toll free at 1-888-704-9998.





Tell your friends and relatives about this Continuous Phone Fundraiser so that they too can help support programs and services as well as save on their own phone bill. Thanks for your support!

If you are interested in setting up a Continuous Phone Fundraiser for your organization - for profit or non-profit contact Ken Miller at 888-704-9998 or email

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